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Welcome to the Asteriod Depletions Corporation Site.  We are pleased to be able to provide you all with a good experience and also to maintain mining operations.  A few things to help get you started in understanding us is that we are an Alt Corporation.  Refer to Forums for further information.

Your Officers in game are as follows:
Pen Jetta:  CEO (Snake Norton alt)
Fuganator Austrene: Director (Fugaracantor Austrene , Fug Alt Austrene Alt's)
Maelegant Majere: Director (Maelstrom Majere Alt, G'luani Alt)
Justin Masterson: Director (Archon Nexus , Fausto Carmona Alt's)
Seawolf230 TAKEN: Officer (Trinity Moonfire Alt)

We also have good skills in the corporation to keep our operations running smooth:

Pen Jetta Level 5 Refining Level 5 Refinery Efficiency (also ore processing skills level 3)

Pen Jetta:  Skilled highly
Balthus Vaille:  New to the game and business but working on skills to be better
Cipher Antilles: Also highly skilled in ships, ammo, and Tech 2 production

Tianla L'bidi (27k M3 storage)

Miners Apply
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